Alexa Toolbar for FireFox

This tool is already available (click for download) for one week or something, but I installed it today. It took a long time before there came this plugin for FireFox, but it is finally here and looking good. When I visit a website I first check at my google toolbar what pagerank it has. I don’t know why I do this, maybe because I am a webmaster hehe 😈

Now I can also see the alexa ranking for the websites I visit. I know alexa rank is not accurate but a site under 50,000 alexa is receiving some decent traffic, that is for sure! The alexa rank is showed in the right bottom of the firefox browser.

Alexa Toolbar for FireFox Users

This tool is small and smooth. These stats are from my webmaster forum by the way. I hope to get the alexa under 100,000 next month. This blog is currently at 116,000 which is not bad, but far away from good.

With this toolbar you also get an extra button next to help, Related Links. This is nothing special and I don’t use it. I checked for some of my sites which related links it was showing, but it showed: None available. Only for the big sites like Google it is showing related links.

After all, this is a great tool and I recommend everyone to download it and install!