An Update on the Blog

While browsing the digital point forums, I came across a thread about an ad blacklist.

You can generate a list with low paying url’s that can show up on your website (based on your keywords). I signed up with them and generated a list like that. They found 199 url’s with a low cost per click. I added these url’s to my Competitive Filter List in my Adsense control panel. Now Google will ban those low cost per click sites from my blog.

It is January now, we just passed the middle of it. A quick review of my blog earnings and traffic so far in January.

Visist: 5,176
Pageviews: 10,523

Blog Visits
Google Adsense: $ 7,56
Amazon: $ 0,-

The top commentators list has 7 spots now. I created 2 extra spots because of all the replies this blog gets lately. Thank you for that.