Another Directory to the List

As you may know I am going to start a directory network. I am creating some new directories but I also keep an eye open for directories that are for sale. I came across the following directory while browsing digital point. The domain is 8 months old, pagerank 3 and it has almost 1,000 backlinks. I will continue till I have 10 directories, of course I am not buying them all.

When I have 10 web directories I will not buy or create any new ones. I will start to make them big and get good quality backlinks. I know the basics for web directories and know what it takes to get them running. My other directory is going to be the head quarter of this network and I am also going to start a blog over there.

It might occur that I sell a directory in my run to the 10 directories. But this is because I am also working on an other projects, which needs money. I will keep you updated.