Arcade Sites Worth the Hassle?

Recently I bought a arcade games website. I did some link exchanges and submitted it to several directories. At this moment the arcade is getting nice traffic. In March it already got more than 1,000 visitors. Arcade already got 9 members and is growing fast. Their are 500 games in the database that can be played. The total game plays is 5,211 at this moment. When I bought it the total game plays was at 1,500.

Money: Their are only adsense ads on the site. The clicks are really low. Sometimes to low to be true. Take today: 7 clicks a few hours ago, money earned: $ 0,03. This is really low, that is less than 0,005 a click. I just checked again and now their are 11 clicks and the money is at $ 0,42. Guess their was 1 “high” click.

Traffic: As I said it already got more than 1,000 visitors in March. The total number in February was 1,800. I will break this number for sure in March. The traffic is coming from the top sites banners at the right. People have voted for the arcade and now it gets a nice flow of traffic. I hope this will hold on for a long time.

My opinion is: Arcade sites are worth it, because it don’t take that much time to create and maintain. I just check the site sometimes to see if everything is ok. If the clicks are going up in value (like $ 0,5 a click), than it might become a big earner for me 🙂

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