Baidu Search Traffic and Market

Baidu maintained its good position in the Chinese search market. Google is their closest rival in China, but Baidu has a market share three times bigger than Google. Baidu is getting stronger and stronger in China. I went from 53% to 57% market share, according to a China based research firm. The company reported a 143% year-on-year increase in profit in the first quarter, with a net income of $11.1m. Revenue doubled to $35m.

“Our community-based products, including Baidu Knows, Baidu Space and Baidu Encyclopedia, are among our fastest growing and most exciting products,” said chief executive Robin Li.

“Baidu Knows has about 15 million answers for users’ questions, and the number of Baidu Space users almost doubled during the first quarter.”

Baidu is a successful search company in China. I think it is a good thing that Google did not take over the search market there. If Baidu becomes bigger and bigger (they have now almost 4,000 employees) they maybe can compete on a global level and compete with Google.

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