Banned by Digg

My account was banned first some weeks ago because of misuse. I created a new one right away and I was able to submit my stories to Digg for another week. Now my IP is banned and even worse: my blog is banned to from Digg. Other people cannot submit any stories on Digg from this blog anymore and I think this ban will not be removed for a long time.

How did I get banned?

Digg does not like submitting all your own stories to digg. They see it as spamming, which is a little bit true. I submitted almost every post to digg. Just to get some extra visitors and a bigger link popularity. Social bookmarking sites as Stumble Upon likes it if you submit your own story to them. You will give content for the users on Stumble Upon, which is a logical thought.

Digg hates this and don’t allow this. I knew this but I could not resist the temptation to easy submit my own stories to Digg and watch some extra traffic come in. Not the smartest thing to do, I know. Luckily for me there are enough other social bookmarking sites available and I joined a couple straight away when I was banned from Digg. I am also registered at Netscape and ShoutWire now.

To all you guys out there submitting your own stories to Digg: do not submit to much of your own stories. Ask your friends to submit them for you. Also, when you submit your own stories to Digg, make sure you also digg some other stories on digg, this will help for getting banned to.