Directory Growth Update

My two directories that are in my directory network now are growing steady. In the first there are already more than 700 websites approved and in second around 400 now. I bought some sponsored blog posts for those and I hope that will help to. The revenue for these two are still at zero, cause I don’t run any ads on them.

This is not the only thing I am currently working on. Yesterday I bought a nice 3 char .com domain name for $ 220. This may sound huge but I think the domain name is very good to remember and that’s why I bought it. I am not going to disclose the name yet. It is not yet in my possession but the sale is round. It will be a big webmaster portal with a forum and webmaster tools. I will keep you up to date once I started it.

Off topic: Google bought FeedBurner for $ 100 million. This is a nice move from Google if you ask me. They don’t have a big RSS Feed to fill with ads, now they have.