Directory Growth

The main site of my Directory Network is on the web for 20 days now and it is starting to receive traffic. I am running PHP Link Directory v3.2.0 on it which is the newest version and a paid one. With this script it is 10 times easier to admin the directory and 10 times faster to approve the links that are pending. Currently there are already 900 websites listed. This is an average of 45 submissions each day. There are more submissions but I am not listing each site that is submitted, only the decent/good sites.

The traffic after 20 days is good. The directory received 1,500 unique vistors generating over 8,000 pageviews. For a brand new site this is not so bad I guess. The Alexa rank is at 465,000. I want the alexa under 200,000 before the pagerank update comes.

Pagerank is very important for a Web Directory. Without pagerank no one will buy a featured link or will advertise on it. I did not spend any money on building links yet for it and surprisingly Slash Directory has already more than 500 backlinks.

Off Topic News: Netscape is hacked by a Digg lover and forwarded all users to the Digg website. If that guy forwarded everything to a MFA website of his own (MFA – Made For Adsense) he was earning some nice dollars today I guess.