Dollar vs Euro

The dollar is sinking deeper and deeper. This is a really bad thing for me and I am sure for a lot others. $ 1000 is worth around 700 euro now and the dollar is at its lowest point ever. I think I am going to sell my links on my sites in euros instead of dollars. I hope more sites will give the euro more attention and starting to buy and sell with it.

Personally I think Bush is behind this. He needed a lot of funds for the war with Iraq and those guys over there. He got a lot of loans from other countries like China and other Asian powers. Also a lot from Europe and you name it. Now Bush has to pay it back and with this worthless dollar it is very cheap for him to pay his debts back 🙄

I am not offending anyone here, it is just my thought. I do not hate Americans, the opposite, I have lots of friends from America. Just wanted to let myself out on the dollar.