Enjoying a Cold Beer

A blog guru installed a “buy me a beer plugin” at his blog. I saw him linking to the first persons that were buying beers for him. Than I came up with a evil plan to. I was thinking on starting a new webmaster forum. With the start of a new forum you need a thing that attract visitors. I decided to go with a contest. Last week I started to buy him some beers (pitchers), and hoped that when I started the contest he would link to me.

3 days ago I started the contest and mailed about it. I didn’t ask if he would mention it on the blog, but I asked if he would be interested in the $ 200 + free advertising. Of course he is not very interested in 3 weeks of posting for only $ 200 while he is making $ 10,000 + a month from his blog. Today he posted about it and even a cool backlink to my blog.

This proves that beer is not always bad. It was very good this time (i know other times hehe 😈 ). I am also the one that drunk the most beer with him. I will give some link love back