Gimme my Hits

I just started this blog, so I need to get traffic. Yesterday I got 20 unique visitors. Thats not bad at all at my opinion. I am online for 6 days now.

So I searched for some directories with pagerank. And added my blog to them.
Some URLs where I could easy add my site, maybe its helpful for you to: – pr 7 (special for blogs) – pr 3 – pr 3 – pr 4 – pr 3 – pr 4 – pr 3

But, it doesn’t really matter if you put your links on every directory around. It’s all to do with the quality of your blog articles. If someone really likes your article, than he will link it to you on his site. So other people will promote it for you without even asking 🙂 that’s my mission !! But I have to start somewhere, so I added my blog to all the sites I mentioned above.