Hello July

June was a good month. I bought a couple of new sites and am planning to get in the hosting business soon. The site for this new project is ready for launch and I found a very good domain for it. It will offer good hosting solutions for decent websites and blogs. It will be cheap to for the people that want to know 😆

I decided to not post my earnings anymore of my blog. The earnings are nothing special, so not worth the mention. I still give sometimes details about how the blog is doing ofcourse, but not a monthly report anymore.

The blog received its 2000th comment. The guy who commented the 2000th comment was…… myself 😈 I want to thank the community of helping this blog grow, that’s why here is a list of the top commentators from June:
Thank you very much for participation on this blog 😎 There will be a big prize for the guy who makes the 5000th comment and I am not competing hehe, but that is a long time away.

My goals in July are building more websites and start new businesses. I need a big empire you know