Reputation Management

How to Deal with Bad Press

Almost every company knows what I am talking about. Customers that are not satisfied with the service or product(s). Those customers sometimes write negative comments about your company on your own site or even worse, on their own site. Sometimes even competitors might like to damage your good reputation by submitting fake comments about your website. What can you do if websites with negative comments about your company appear on the first SE results?

Ask the webmaster
Send the webmaster of the site with the negative comments a good email. Ask for removal of the negative comments. Be friendly in your email and do not threaten the other person. In most cases the webmaster will cooperate and delete the negative comments.

Boost pages with positive comments
Search the web for positive comments about your company and link to them. You are increasing their link popularity and they might get higher rankings that way.

Ask for testimonials
Ask the customers that give you positive feedback to write a review on for example ConsumerReview, Epinions or similar websites with this service.

Get first in line
Make sure you hold the number 1 position in search engines for your company name. This is very important because people that search for a company are clicking the first result almost without looking.

Removing the negative comments about your company from the search engines can take some time. The best option is to avoid negative experiences by providing high quality products and support. If negative comments still appear on the search engines, use the above tips to restore the positive image of your company name.