I Wanna Hear From You

What are your opinions about this blog. I can handle every comment, so please be honest. I know the blog is ready for a redesign, that will happen this or next month. But what would you like to see changed here? Managing a good site is all about making it 100 % comfortable for the visitor. If you can tell me what is wrong than I can change it. I would love to hear your opinion.


A site its success is all about branding. How are you going to promote your site? What kind of visitors do you want to attract? These 2 questions are important to know before you start creating buzz for your website. I promoted the blog very much at different webmaster forums and social bookmarking sites. I even promoted it so much at digg that they banned me with url + ip. If I analyse my spamming now, I would do the same if I was digg 😈

Now I only submit stories to social sites if they are worth reading, and will attract possible new readers. I would like to hear how you brand your site and how you create the buzz you want.