Inner Linking for PageRank

Pagerank is one of the most important things for advertisers, we all know that. Currently I am holding a pagerank 5 for this search engine ranking blog.

A pagerank whore that I am, I am always looking for new ways to improve my pagerank. I am not saying these methods work, but I think they are contributing to a better pagerank and for better search engine rankings.

When I checked my about page and my advertising page I noticed they got a nice pagerank of 4. On these pages I list advertising options and on the about page a few (very few 😈 ) details about me. I linked to my own blog now from these 2 pages, so this are another 2 backlinks to my blog.

After I noticed this, I checked my inner pagerank pages and I noticed I had a lot of pagerank 4 pages and even 1 pagerank 5 page:

I am not 100 % sure if this works, but I think it will work. There is a better structure in my blog now. The posts are linking to my blog. I hope to see some good results from this, hehe!