Is SEO Finally Dying?

Search Engine Optimization. The topic that keeps everyone busy. Show up in the top 10 on for example Google might give you alot of extra visitors. And search engine visitors are not ‘normal’ visitors. They are looking for something (they are using a search engine), and people that are looking for something are clicking more on ads than people that are returning or saw your link on a forum signature.

The current paradigm of 1 query, 1 page of 10 organic results holds. The entire SEO industry is hanging on this paradigm. Today, link baiting/building, optimization, competitive intelligence and all the rest are aimed at securing a top spot in the organic results.

But what happens when there no longer is a ‘top spot’, because every result is personalized, based on your geographic origin, your behavior, your past search history or preferences you have shared with the search engines?

This is where search is going…