Linking for More Traffic

You can have a great website, with great content. But what if you do not receive the traffic. Than you are doing a lot of work for nothing. You need to be connected with other sites. Than search engine spiders will notice your site and will index it (faster and higher).

I made some mistakes with linkbuilding on my blog, for example: I bought a $125 link and I used my domain as anchor text. This is wrong. Nobody is interesting in my domain or name. I had to use a anchor text like this: Webdevelopment & SEO. Than people are going to click when they are interested in Webdevelopment & SEO. They don’t care if there is someone like me out on the net. They need to know in 1 second what the site behind the link is all about.

Lesson: Choose a good anchor text for your links.

On my blog link exchanges I don’t care to much about the anchor text. In the blogroll of most bloggers are only names of other bloggers. So this is not a big issue.

According to urltrends, my blog has almost 5,000 unique backlinks. I don’t know how I did this, or if urltrends is even trustful. But I like the number 🙂 .

Submitting articles to article directories is another good option to build links and to get traffic. I never did this before. I discovered this while browsing some forums. I might add some of my previous articles to some of these directories.

Here a small list of some quality article directories with pagerank