My Take on Higher PageRank

Currently I am at a pagerank 5, but I want to get a pagerank 6 in the next update. With a pagerank 6 I can always sell my 10 featured links for a good price. People will also pay more for a blog post if I do those again. But how do we get a higher pagerank? We all want to know that. To get a pagerank you don’t have to do much strange things. You don’t need to have a high budget either. Just some knowledge.

First you need to bring a good structure in your website. You have to link to other parts of your website. When you have a blog like me you can link to previous posts. That’s why I am linking to these two interesting posts that didn’t got the attention they deserved:

Basic But Important SEO Facts
One Keyword is Worth A Thousand Pictures
These two posts are not world breaking or something, but hey, I am trying to get my pagerank up here 😈

Another important fact is linking to other big sites. This is something a lot of people don’t know yet. But when you link to Google or Yahoo or even Digg (like I do now) you will get extra value because your site is linking to these trusted websites. The spiders that come to your sites are thinking, hmm this site is linking to trusted websites, this website must know what he is doing, so you get a ++.

Of course are inbound links also important with the right anchor text. But you can also link to yourself with the anchor text you want. Like I want to rank for Search Engine Ranking. I link this keyword to my own blog and this will help also. If you make it bold like I did it will give the link extra value.

If you didn’t do any of these things I just explained, do them now. The next pagerank update will be here in less than 2 months. Go for it !!