SEO Traffic

Not Stoked on Text Links

A week ago I purchased a ‘big’ link it was a $ 125 link but I used the $ 100 discount coupon (lucky me).

I did not reveal the link on my blog.

Google Analytics is showing in my Referring Source only 1 visitor from the site
and the visitor did only viewed 1 page. Probably 1 second on my site. And that for a website with more than 88,000 backlinks and a pagerank of 7. My conclusion: It may be good for my pagerank but this link is definately not worth the $ 125.

His paid advertisers are getting the exposure they need. They are getting traffic and even extra attention in some of his posts.

But while browsing sites on the platform, you cannot see the site (only a small thumbnail), and you don’t know the url after you paid. This is a lesson for me. I will not buy links again on the site again.