Search Referrers in Analytics

Recently I made a blog post about a Proxy Website. The days after I noticed a big change in search engine traffic. The post about my proxy website showed up in Google at spot 5 for the term proxy website. Out of almost 33 million results, this is not bad. I checked the OVT (Overture) and it was searched more than 2,000 times back in March ‘07.

The overture information is from Yahoo search results. Yahoo search has 10 % – 15 % marketshare. I think the 2,000 times searched on Yahoo can be compared with 10,000 searches on Google. This could easy lead 1,000 + unique visitors to my blog every month. I will make a post in the upcoming week about creating proxy websites and make them profitable.

50 % of my total traffic is now coming from search engines. I think this blog finally got indexed well and Google is giving attention to it. The last days I did not post a lot, I will promise to post every day or every 2 days again.