Selling Some of My Sites

Recently I sold my forum at a good price and I sold another one yesterday. I am not quitting the web business, not at all. I am just clearing out some of the websites I don’t give time and attention anymore. Yesterday I sold my arcade website. The final price was $ 165 and I am satisfied with that. I listed it for sale at digital point and was sold quick.

The profit:

I bought the arcade 3 months back. I paid $ 50 for it, which was pretty risky because it did not had any adsense income or pagerank. In the recent pagerank update it got pagerank 4 and the last month it brought $ 5 in on adsense. Sold few links on it for a total of $ 10. This brought in $ 15 for 1 month. I got paid 11 times the monthly income of the site which is normal.

I will sell 2 more websites I think and going to start a whole new project. Going to keep the subject secret for now because I want to promote it when it is 100 % finished.

My good friend recently made an interesting article about flipping websites, I recommend to check it out if your interested in this.