Selling Videos and Pictures?

Video websites are the next big thing. It is totally hot since YouTube sold for a unbelievable amount (1.65 billion dollar) to Google. Millions of people are watching the computer screen daily, actively devouring thousands of user submitted videos.

YouTube is king under the video hype, but other smaller video sites have started big push campaigns to get their share of the online video market. If those sites want new and fresh videos every day, they need users with great content. How do they get those users? Yes, pay them. is a relative big video sharing site. And they are paying the users with great content (videos, pictures even small movies). watch at this price list:

$ 25 for an original picture
$ 400 for an original video
$ 2,000 for a small movie

That is insane. But, here is the catch. You will only get paid when your original picture/video/small movie get featured on’s homepage. Making money with requires that you submit something that is high quality, on a popular subject and with a wide audience.

Judging by the most viewed content on, focusing on hot women, controversial news, funny commercials and weird/cool pranks might be something you want to consider.

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