Started a New Site

Making my network bigger in 2009 is 1 of my goals. I want to have at least 5 websites that are bringing in some revenue. I talked with my friend last week and we decided to make a website/blog together.

Our subject will be health, like weight loss, skin, hair, beauty, just everything health related. This is a really different subject than we are both in involved right now. But I think that is a good thing.

We need to get it indexed in the main search engines and get some organic traffic to the site. There are a lot of other health related websites out on the net. But competition keeps you awake.

My blog still did not receive pagerank. My friend has received pagerank more than a week ago. People are arguing that PageRank is not longer as important as it once was. But it still plays an important part in the Google Algorithm that determines where in the Search Engine results a certain page is displayed for a given query

A website with a high PageRank will usually rank higher in Google’s search results than low PageRank websites. Important: Better results means more organic traffic to your website.

The way you can increase PageRank is not difficult. You need to increase the number of links to your website. Quality links from quality websites with a high PageRank and the same subject as yours influence PageRank the most.