Graphic Ads

When I create a blog or website, I always try to get the most money out of it. Of course this may not hurt my returning visitors. To much ads is a bad thing. But if you monetize your blog or website, you should do it for 100 %. You can use lots of programs […]

SEO Traffic

Not Stoked on Text Links

A week ago I purchased a ‘big’ link it was a $ 125 link but I used the $ 100 discount coupon (lucky me). I did not reveal the link on my blog. Google Analytics is showing in my Referring Source only 1 visitor from the siteand the visitor did only viewed 1 page. Probably […]


Advertisements on Blog

I recently signed up with Commission Junction, A (in my eyes) great program to sell products. I am going to give it a try on my blog. Amazon is deleted now, It did not get any clicks. This blog is to small to perform those ads I think. Now I will serve 1 CJ button […]