The Creation of My New Forum

Six days ago I made the first post on my new webmaster forum. Since I announced the start of my forum it went pretty fast and the contest is at full speed. If you haven’t joined the contest yet, you still can. I will give most points for creating new threads instead of only posting replies. You can still win a piece of the $ 200 + advertising.

The most important thing for the webmaster forum was getting members and posts. Currently the forum has 41 members and made a total of 587 posts (in 90 threads). I am the top poster with 169 posts. As an admin of a new forum I need to be very active.

For the members I added a special feature, a link directory. It is a very nice designed link directory and only registered members can submit their site to it. Members can also rate others listings and even add comments. Soon enough their will also be a webmaster tools section.

Submitting several threads to the social bookmarking sites is a good way to get some extra traffic checking the content out. I submitted some of the threads to stumble upon and it brought in several hundreds of visitors. You can see the most visitors ever online is at 110, the social bookmarking site effect ❗

The contest made things getting active at the webmaster forum and in the future their will be more contests. The next one will begin when the current one ends (in 2 weeks).