A New Contest

Today is the start of the $ 150 contest at the Hideout. With this contest I am trying to get more members at the webmaster forums. This forum is in my possession for 10 days now and I want to make it big and a success. Forums are not easy to get started and it will take a lot of my time and energy to get things started. That is the reason I decided to pull in a $ 150 contest.

The contest will last for 1 month. Only the posts in this time period will count for the contest. This are the prizes:

$ 50 for the member with the most posts
$25 for the runner up
$ 50 for the member with the best quality posts
$ 25 for the runner up
The webmaster forums are also a good place to learn everything about web development. If you have questions about anything, you can ask them at webmasters hideout. There are already a few members that are helping others out with their questions. I will keep you updated on how things goes with this forum.

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