Advertisements on Blog

I recently signed up with Commission Junction, A (in my eyes) great program to sell products. I am going to give it a try on my blog. Amazon is deleted now, It did not get any clicks. This blog is to small to perform those ads I think. Now I will serve 1 CJ button in my sidebar. Hope this works better.

As you can see I also deleted my text link ads button. It got enough clicks, but nobody signed up. And if someone does, than he needs to buy a link before I receive any money. I am in a learning progress if we are talking about advertisements. I need to try and figure out what works best for me. That’s why I am changing this all.

Pagerank is also updating again. On some datacenters google gives me a pagerank of 4. That’s alright with me. I maybe can sell 1 or 2 small banners/buttons to an advertiser.

My blog is more than 3 months old now. I signed up on pay per post. I am not sure if I will use it. Maybe 1 or 2 times for some extra cash. But I will not post 5 times a week a article that is sponsored. I want to keep quality on my blog of course.

I am still using google adsense on my blog. I think I stick to these the next few months. They are not doing that great, but it already passed last month earnings. I said that I never wanted to earn that little money again. I already succeeded for this month.

I am also putting my domain name for sale. I got it parked on sedo for 1 week now, and got more than 250 uniques + $ 1 revenue. I hope I sell this domain name soon for a nice price.