Americans Not Using Internet?

Shocking news: 30 % of the United States households does not have internet access and are not planning to get it. These 30 % are seeing no use for it in their lives, and don’t know what to do with it. 30 % is representing around 32 million households (homes) which don’t have internet access and are not planning to subscribe to one over the next 12 months.

44 % (of these 30%) say they are not interested in anything on the internet and 22 % is claiming they cannot afford a computer with internet. I understand that not all people have money. The world is unfair sometimes. But imagine if these people will earn some more money in the next coming years, and may buy a new computer with internet access. The market will get bigger online. More money to earn 🙂

Other people with no internet access (14 %) but do earn and have money to spend are saying they do all the e-commerce shopping and YouTube watching at work. 3 % of these households said that the internet does not reach their homes. I feel sorry for those households.

Personally I think these 30 % are getting soon internet access in the upcoming years. Internet is becoming really an important factor in daily life and work. If you want to search something, nothing is easier than a quick search on the internet.