An Update on My Web Directory

My Web Directory is doing not bad the last few weeks. The directory is getting around 100 unique visitors a day, that is a total of 3,000 a month. The Web Directory does not have pagerank yet. Pagerank is an important factor when you submit your site to directories. After all it is to improve your submitted site rankings. According to the pagerank prediction tool, my directory will get a pagerank of 1, which is not great.

The number of submitted and approved sites is at 3,500 now. I also get a lot of pending sites with only CAPITAL letters or a way to long description, which I delete. I am amazed of the search engine traffic it is getting, because I am not putting any content on it at all. It are just the websites and its descriptions. In march it got 230 visitors from search engines so far, at number one with 34 visitors “unblock websites”.

The sponsored links section is not doing bad. I sold some links for 3 months, which is quite long in my opinion. But the directory does not have a lot of traffic or pagerank yet. I can say I already made a profit from that site, so I do not worry about it. The google ad at the bottom of the page is not getting a lot of clicks. To be exact, 0 clicks so far. I might try to get the ads into the categories and see how that is performing.

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