Another New Project

Starting new projects is important. Always check new possibilities and options. At this moment I am starting another directory with my friend. It will be a web directory with a interesting blog. You can see the button of the blog in the main page. It is not 100 % ready and we need to change a couple of things but you can start submitting to the web directory.

We got a blog at the directory because it will give the directory extra exposure and if we do it right, more backlinks + traffic. When I first heard about directories and all the directories that were on the net. I thought the niche was saturated and not profitable anymore (for a starter). I had it wrong, I made already $ 50 + from my Web Directory, and this is only a web directory without any special things.

The Directory is free for submission and we will remain this as long as we can. The blog will be updated 2 or 3 times a week and it will be useful information about directories and why you should use them.