Arcade Site Update

Arcade websites are popular. A lot of people I know are playing on these kind of game sites. There are a lot arcade websites on the web, and it is hard to stand out from the crowd. I have 1 arcade site in my network. My website is a simple arcade site with a total of 500 games. Traffic is really going up lately. In March the visitors already passed the 4,000.

When I bought the site from a DP member, it had 3 registered users and the total number of played games was at 1,500. At this moment I have 15 registered users and over 11,000 games played. That means people played almost 10,000 games 1 month.

Earnings from this site are not great. The clicks are quite low, like 0,03 per click. Sometimes it has good days and receives 0,15 clicks. Optimization could be a lot better. I didn’t move the google ads since I bought it. If I made a google ad just under the recently played games, I am sure the CTR would go up. But I don’t want my users to go away and play somewhere else. I used Admedian (CPM program) as a pop under. But it was not working for me.

The site is also receiving some search engine traffic, which is nice. It got 16 visitors from the term “arcade bubble”, and the term “sonic blox” is good for 7 visitors so far (in March). These are small numbers, but it is a good thing that the site is receiving at least some traffic from the search engines