Blog Update

This blog is now a bit older. I started it with this welcome post. The first four things to expect are true, but I decided to not share my personal life here. This is because people that don’t know me personally don’t care, and I totally understand. In this time I made 241 posts and received 1,758 comments on them. That is an average of 7 comments per post.

After 7 months of working on the blog:

Pagerank 5
Alexa: 71,000
Backlinks: 3,000
Visitors: 10,000 (monthly)

The link sales on this blog are going good. I have no problem finding new advertisers for the 10 spots on the sidebar (featured links). I am selling those for $ 20 monthly, so that brings in $ 200 monthly. Currently there are some free spots.

I enjoy reading the comments and that gives me more inspiration and motivation to continue. At the end of this month I am going to thank the community and give some link love back. (top commentators to ). I will do this every end of the month.