Bye Bye Comments

Deleting 10 comments in moderation every day is no exception for me. Sometimes it even go over 20. And I do not speak about the comments that are going true the moderation part (spam comments with only 1 link in it). It is really driving me crazy.

I am also busy with another website to make my network bigger. But I will not reveal the url yet. Because I want to have it finished 100 % before I make it public. is going a bit slow. The adsense share script is not working correct. I need to search for another share script.

Time is an exclusive thing for me at the moment. I have school exams going on right now. This whole week and the next one. That is why I did not post yesterday. And maybe I will not post tomorrow either. This is an important week for me and my results. I am a guy that always have those 5,5 marks. Because I learn at the last moment.