Directory Growth Update

Recently I started a small Directory Network. Currently the biggest directory is my first. This is strange because my intention was to make my other directory the biggest. I also had the plan to add a blog to Directory, when I do this it will probably become bigger than the other ones. Currently I have 7 directories but my plan is to have a lot more. The next pagerank update will be here in about 2 months I guess, that’s a long time to wait.

I hate waiting, that’s why I am producing more websites. I looked into the dutch mortgage market and decided to put up some minisites with information about mortgages. The site is in dutch, so you probably don’t understand any content of it. I am also going to make some mini sites about insurance and other money business.

Paypal blocked my account a few days ago and today I finally went to the bank. In 5 days I will get my own credit card and I am done with the problems at paypal.