Domain Name Sold

Yesterday the auction of my domain name ended. It had a starting bid of 400 but another buyer got involved and took it for 410,- Euro. I bought the name on a forum for about a year ago. I paid $ 50,00 for it. And paid a fee for renewing it once (like $ 7,00 or something) 410,- Euro is $ 534,00 dollar. I made a nice profit here.

Sedo emailed me to inform what the winning bid was. Now I had to give up my registrar and they will get the progress started. The buyer of the domain has 10 days to get his money to sedo. The faster he pays the faster the transaction will go. It can take 2-3 weeks before I get the money and the buyer the domain. Now lets hope the buyer makes the payment fast.

I am not receiving the whole 410,- Euro. Sedo is taking 10 % of the sale. That is 41 Euro for Sedo. I receive 369,- Euro net. Now you might ask what I am going to do with the money. I am going to reinvest 69 Euro of this. And the other 300 Euro is going to my bank account.

I hope things are going smoothly and the buyer is not a fake bidder or something. If everything is finished I will write a full article from the beginning to the end.

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