Forums all Day Son

I bought a new forum. I purchased it from someone at the Digital Point Forums. This is a really good place to buy and sell websites. At this place I am also selling reviews sometimes. With this site I broke my record of spending money at a website since the start with my online business. I don’t know if it is smart to share the buying price. Maybe I will do this later.

The forum has a really nice domain which is pretty hard to get these days. The pagerank is established at 4 and I am trying to get it a 5 as soon as possible. With a pagerank of 4 I can easily sell some frontpage links to make extra money. I already sold 1 😉

When I bought it, there was a very poor skin on it, which was very ugly to look at. I bought this current skin for $ 30. I could use a free vbulletin skin but those skins are used a lot and not very special most of the times.

I am not sure how I am going to brand it. Maybe as a young entrepreneur forum, not sure yet. I will also start a $ 200 contest soon. To get more activity and more posts. It will not be a “most posts” contest though. This will only bring in spam comments and that is not what I am looking for.