Fraud and PPC

Most of us use Pay Per Click on their blogs. I am using it to and I earned $ 40 from pay per click in March. The pay per click advertising model is active since 1998. The bad thing about pay per click advertising is click fraud. Some people claim that one in every five clicks is click fraud. This is a very high number, but Google has said less than ten percent of the clicks are fraud on pay per click advertising.

The exact number is unknown. This can not be said correctly because visitors can click on ads and then choose not to do anything on the website they are landing. They can just leave the site and it was not click fraud.

Competition can also be an important factor in click fraud. What if you click on your competitor his ads everyday? It will cost your rival a lot of money and forces your rival to use up its resources a lot more quickly. This is a method that is used more than you think. It is bad that this kind of click fraud is happening. The companies should just make their products better and build better relationships with their customers instead of clicking on the ads of competitors.

Pay Per Action is less sensitive for click fraud. You will be paid Per Action. So the company will sell a product and you will get money. Pay Per Action is not as popular as Pay Per Click. This is because it is not as profitable for publishers as Pay Per Click.

PPA is much better than PPC if you look at click fraud. The problems with Pay Per Click are not going away soon. PPA will be used more and more in the future.