Goal Setting

Without a goal I will not be as focused as I supposed to be. At this moment I do not have a clear goal in mind. My intentions are to make money online, as much as possible. I do not have something to work to. At this moment, I will never work again without having a goal in mind. I am only setting short term goals though.

The goal that I want to succeed, is to make $ 5 a day from adsense at the end of this month. This will make me $ 150 a month, so I will get a check every month. This short term goal is not easy to get. I need to create some new sites I think and improve my sites that I already have. At this point I am on an average of $ 2 a day (in April). This will take a lot of work and creativity I guess. Wish me luck.

I also sold another text link on my blog for $ 20. There is coming more interest in advertising on this blog, which makes me happy. And to not rely 100 % on adsense I added Kontera to this blog. Lets see if it will make me some extra dollars.