Got a New Laptop

This is my reward of selling some websites. I bought a new laptop because my old pc was very very old and outdated. I could store 10 GB on my hard disk, that is extremely low. I bought a Compaq Presario V6000. It has 160 GB on the hard disk and 1024 MB DDR2. Now I need to transfer all files from my PC to my laptop. I hope this process will go quick and correct.

Compaq Laptop
This is a picture of the brand new laptop I also installed a wireless internet network so I can use the internet at any place at my place, even in the garden.

It is not a big laptop or a very expensive one. It has a 15,4 inch widescreen.

The price of the laptop was 650 euro inclusive VAT. I also saw laptops for more than 1,500 euro but that is to much

If I post pictures on my blog I am naming them with a logical name. This is a lot better than “pic001.jpg” or something similar. With this name I am trying to get some search engine traffic from images. The overture for “compaq laptop” was 10,000+ last month. Good change it will bring some extra visitors to this post.