Graphic Ads

When I create a blog or website, I always try to get the most money out of it. Of course this may not hurt my returning visitors. To much ads is a bad thing. But if you monetize your blog or website, you should do it for 100 %. You can use lots of programs for monetizing, like Google adsense, Yahoo publisher, Amazon, CJ, you name it. Currently I am only serving Google adsense on this blog. Earning around $ 1 a day.

Always keep your eyes open for new placement techniques and never stop tweaking your ads around the site, till you find the best performing spot for it.

While browsing some sites I came across a very interesting ad, I took a screenshot:

I was wondering if this ad was breaking Google’s rules. Because it definitely caught my attention when I was looking at the site and I had to check it out. Google has the following point:

Publishers participating in the AdSense program May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
The idea is original and well done. It almost looks like the girl is really holding the ad.