Important Advice

Last night I noticed that I had never made a backup from my blog. If something happened with my hosting company or even got hacked for example. I had lost every post and comment I build up since October ‘06. That would mean the end of my blogging career for a few months I guess. I back upped my posts and comments last night following this guide ‘how to’, because I didn’t know how to backup my database and the backup function in wordpress was not working.

At least it is back upped now and I will repeat this every 2 weeks from now on. My other site was hacked to (few months ago, before my blog started). And guess what, no backup. I had a forum running on it. Not a big one, a small forum with around 50 members. It was hacked by some sort of hacking team. Maybe if it was not hacked, it was a big poker forum now, who knows. But nevertheless I have it for sale now on Sedo and the minimum offer that it will go for is 400 Eur. A nice amount in my eyes.

As I stated in my last post, I may not pass this year in college. Than my parents don’t pay anymore. And I have to pay the 1,500 Eur myself for the extra year I am on school. I better save those 400 Eur I get for the domain. I am also going on vacation to Egypt this summer. That will cost me also around 1,500 Eur in total. I have to start earning some big cash, or I will be in trouble.