January Review

January already passed. First off all I must apologize that I did not posted a lot the last few days. This is because some trouble at school. My teacher wants me to do the year again. He is saying that I do nothing on school. He thinks I am a lazy boy doing nothing. I cannot give him wrong on that, but it is not cool. I don’t want to do the whole year again. But who cares about my private life here, lets go to the earnings.

I earned more than in December. I had some goals for myself that I wanted to reach end January 2007. But the goals where to high. 1 of them was, make $ 100,00 on adsense a month. This goal is to high for me at the moment. I need to create more websites and try to get more traffic to it. My new goal: I want to earn $ 30,00 a month starting now. This is a average of $ 1,000 a day. This is possible for me. I am going to work on it today.

January earnings:

Adsense on my blog: $ 15,81 (Average of $ 0,50 a day)
1 Text link on my blog: $ 23,00

I also have a small web directory. I did not write about it before. I am not running ads on it, but people can buy a featured link there for only $ 5,00. I sold 2 of them, that brings in a extra $ 10,00.

That makes a total of $ 48,81 for the month January.

I am also working on a other website, 1 that I have already for some time. But it was not optimized good and not attracting any visitors. it is my Hosting website. I uploaded a good template and I want to finish it in 2 weeks from now.

The domain sale is still pending. The auction will end 3 days. I will keep you updated on the whole progress.

Traffic analysis for January:

I expected around 8,000 visits for my blog in January. But it was more that that. I reached the 10,000 visits easily. To be exact:

Visits: 10,702
Page views: 21,674

Average visits / page views a day: 345 / 699
I am satisfied with my traffic, and I am trying to get it up to 12,000 visits in February.