Keywords for SEO

When I first created this blog I putted in some random keywords in the description. My clicks are very low at the moment on the blog, so I have to try something. I deleted the keywords: adsense, euro and dollar. These keywords don’t make any sense at all. I putted some quality keywords in. I hope the cost per click will go up again.

I also putted my proxy website down. It was using way to much bandwidth and I don’t have room for it. I am moving to a dedicated server at the moment so I will put it back up when that is done. I think that might be tomorrow already. With a dedicated server I never have to bother again about bandwidth use or space. That’s a good thought 😎

You should take a look in your source of your blog / site. Maybe you have some keywords in it that don’t belong there and you forgot about. It is also better for search engine ranking.