Keywords for SEO

As you may know, I purchased a link a while ago. I used the wrong anchor text for the text link. But I had a chance to change that. I changed it into: Webdevelopment and SEO. I also changed this on some other sites that were linking to me. And guess what. I am # 4 in google for the search term: Webdevelopment and SEO (without the quotes). There are 1.460.000 results for the keyword combination Webdevelopment and SEO.

Finally I got ranked for some keywords at least. Of course I rank good for the domain keyword, but the visitors coming from that search query are not interested in my blog. Now I need to get ranked high for only the keyword Web development, or only the keyword SEO. Than I will see some serious traffic coming my way.

About the anchor text. If you want to rank high for certain keywords, then those keywords need to appear in your anchor text. The search engines will pick this up and rank your site higher for those keywords. This is wrong. My blog readers opened my eyes to explain it in some of the comments. Thanks for that. My link on my friend’s blogs it doesn’t matter that you use your name or nickname. But on other sites, were you got link exchanges with. Be sure you use the right keywords in your anchor text.