Low CPC on Adsense

The last few days I am getting $ 0,01 – $ 0,05 clicks on my blog. This is very strange. A couple of weeks ago I got a nice $ 0,70 per click on average. I don’t know what is happening. I did not changed anything or whatever. The thing I changed is the post frequency. I am a little bit busy these days and I have to do a lot to pass this school year.

Clicks on other websites I own are normal. But this blog was my best earner till now. I hope I can find more time over a week or something. Than I will re design this whole blog and maybe even change the skin into something more unique.

The webmaster forum is doing good at the moment. It is starting to get attention and people started to post more. This is also because of the $ 150 contest I guess. The contest is running for 4 days now and there is already a lot of activity. This is a plus for these busy days.