Must have Phones

Remember the time when there were no mobile phones? I do, it is a long time back, I still remember when I saw other people calling with a huge phone without a wire. But nowadays it is normal to have even 2 mobile cell phones. I already had 4 mobile phones in my life. 2 were broken and 1 I lost on a party.

I need a new one. Mine is not working good anymore. The one I am holding right now is a Sony Ericsson W810i Phone (Cingular), the ‘walkman’ phone. I used it for about 1 year now, and I have a contract for 2, that’s a bit a issue here. The bluetooth is not working anymore, and that sucks. I was using it alot, making fun with friends and upload pictures and videos to my pc.

Verizon cell phones is the number 1 in selling cellphones online. They have a huge collection and I am going to look there for a simlock free phone. Not sure if I will buy a new one, because of my contract. But if I find a nice deal I might