New Bloggers

I want to share my starting experience with other bloggers and people that are planning to start blogging very soon.

In the beginning I was very happy with just 25 visitors on my blog. It felt great to have visitors to your blog. People were coming to read what I wrote. A good feeling. And still I appreciate every visit to my blog.

But after 2 weeks of blogging, (and it was hard for me in the beginning) I still did not receive much comments. Only 2 or 3 comments. That was a bit frustrating in the beginning. But you should not give up. It is not coming automatic if you write something. You have to build an audience on your blog. Try to get returning visitors. You get returning visitors if you write unique content, and of course, interesting content.

If you want more visitors to your blog, you can begin posting comments on other blogs. Post meaningful comments, not just: “great article, keep it up”. You have to give your own opinion in the comments you are submitting. Say honest if it is good or bad, and why it is.

You also get blog traffic if you give. Give and people will return the favor. I mean, link to other blogs in your posts, like I do to my friend he started linking to mine in the beginning and I am returning the favor if I can. First I was skeptical about this. I was a bit selfish, and didn’t want to drive traffic to others. But after some research. This could be 1 of the biggest traffic drivers to your own blog.

I am not saying I am a advanced blogger. I am not. I am here for almost 3 months now. and I earned about 20 dollar from my blog. Nothing to write home about. But I am starting to make something. Already got my registration fee back from the domain I purchased and a part of the hosting bill.

What I wanted to say: Do not give up to quick. You will be successful if you really want this. As my blog says: Passion to succeed overcomes your barriers.