New eBay scam?

When I checked my email today, I saw a email from eBay in it, with the title: Account review: 29086. And it was from just like it normal is. I opened it and they were saying that my account was suspended. This felt very strange, because I did not login on eBay for the last 40 days or something.

They were also asking me to fill in some required additional information on my account. And they putted in a link to click on. I was so stupid to click the link and fill in my username and password (yes, my password). Than when I clicked enter I went to a page saying that my account was Suspended and nothing more. Just the words “This account is Suspended”. I leaved the page with a strange feeling.

Than, I decided to go to and tried to login on my account. I filled in my username + password and I just logged in. Nothing here. My accounts was not suspended at all !!
I reported the email to eBay 5 minutes after I (how stupid) filled in my username and pass on this scam link. And I changed my password in something else ofcourse as fast as possible.

After 2 hours, or something like that. I got an email back from eBay. Their investigations team said: “The email you reported was not sent by eBay”, and alot of other crap how to be extra cautious of this in the future.

After all, I guess there is nothing going to happen anymore with my eBay account. I changed my password in a few minutes after I filled it in the scam page. I Just want to warn you guys with a eBay account. Lot of spoof messages out there.