New PageRank Update

Yesterday their was a pagerank update. This is an update that is very valuable in the web business. The higher the pagerank, the more you can charge from your advertisers. This blog went from pagerank 4 to pagerank 5. It is Good that this blog did not stuck at pagerank 4. In may I am trying to attract more advertisers to this blog. This month I did not have enough time to make money from the blog. Also my $ 5 goal failed, but I will talk about that later.

A few other websites also got pagerank in this update, which makes me feel good. They were all at pagerank 0.

Hosting Site – PR 4
Arcade Site – PR 4
Web Directory – PR 3
Health – PR 3
Proxy – PR 2
The network is growing and sites are getting better. Maybe I will sell a few sites for a nice profit and take that away on my vacation, not sure yet. For this blog, I will try to build enough backlinks to get a pagerank 6 in the next update