Reminder of SEO Facts

Basic but important SEO facts are of course the title, link and content. Never put a title in a blog post that has nothing to do with your content. I am talking about a title like “Damn, I am Tired”, and than blog about what you did all day with your websites. This is very wrong. You can better choose a title like “Developing Websites”. Search engines pay a lot of attention to these titles and you will get higher indexed.

Than the link. Today almost every website is using search engine friendly links. At least the websites that show up in the top 10 search results. If you have the same title in your link (like you have in wordpress automatically) you get even more attention from search engines. Now you have the important text in your title and your link. That must mean something.

The content. If you have a title like “Developing Websites” than use the title also in your content. Mention the exact title once or twice and the search engines will give you more and more search engine love.

If you keep these basic but important SEO facts in your mind you will get more search engine love and that will convert in more traffic, which will convert in more money.